Other eyes

Director: Guido Votano
Editing: Luciana Pandolfelli, Lorenzo Loi
Music: Rocco De Rosa
Sound: Gianluca Scarlata, Guido Votano


Technical specs

Title: Altri Occhi
Original version: Italian
Country: Italy
Colour: Colour
Year of production: 2005
Lenght: 80'
Release format: Video (1:85)
Sound: Dolby Digital



Production: Orisa Produzioni

Federico lives in a small town near Rome, Matteo in the northern region of Liguria. One is very shy and quiet, the other is always a protagonist and does not stand still for a moment. They have eight years old and are blind.

Other Eyes tells from a privileged perspective their daily life: families, friends, schools, holidays and study. Following the smiles, fears and tears of two little boys with one special problem. Then, one day, a phone call… They will be extras in a movie scene. A new friendship will be born on that set.

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