CHINA NEXT at Cannes Film Festival

What's the current status of the Chinese film market? What's the impact of the pandemic on the distribution in China? How will producers in the East and the West resume production and will the Chinese market become even more relevant once the industry starts recovering? Although we are currently facing a temporary economic slowdown, China has the world's largest population and it still represents the biggest potential audience for audiovisuals. Being familiar with the players and procedures of this landscape is more strategic than ever. 
For this reason, Sino-European producers' association Bridging the Dragon together with Marché du Film decided to host for the fifth consecutive year a two-day intensive program focusing on China. The event will consist of a space dedicated to one-to-one matchmaking meetings and a series of panel discussions with outstanding Chinese and European film personalities to analyse the current situation and the perspectives of Sino-international collaboration.

In the spirit of the new edition of the Marché du Film, all of these will be shaped for the virtual space and will benefit from the flexibility that online technology allows.
The one-to-one matchmaking meetings will take place virtually on Tuesday, 23 June and the panel discussions on Wednesday, 24 June. Participants must possess Marché du Film accreditation. For details of the event please see below.
|| WHAT ||
This is an enriched version of our traditional Sino-International one-to-one company meetings. This edition will be open not only to production companies but also to sales companies, distributors, post-production houses, projects, talent agencies. The aim is to give the opportunity to any valuable initiative aimed at connecting the two markets to find useful counterparts.

|| WHO ||
Film professionals from China and all over the world who have a proven interest in Sino-international collaboration. Projects related to China is not a must.

|| WHEN ||
The one-to-one meetings will be held virtually from (CET) 9:00 to 13:00  / (UTC+8) 15:00 to 19:00 on Tuesday, 23 June 2020. 

|| HOW ||
The matchmaking platform will be deployed in June 2020 on Stay tuned. Participants will be asked what they are looking for from their Chinese / international counterparts, and will be able to request meetings with the counterparts. For inquiry at this stage please write to
|| WHAT ||
The current situation of the Chinese film market
An introductory overview aimed at informing international professionals on the latest developments of the Chinese market offering an understanding of figures, policies and procedures.
How to resume film production? Prospects and challenges
A confrontation between representatives of Chinese film companies / studios and European producers / film funds. 
The impact on distribution. What will change?
In the last years China has become the leading buyer of international movies. Sales agents will discuss with leading Chinese theatrical and online distributors about the development of this commercial relationship.

|| WHO ||
Film professionals from China and all over the world are welcome.

|| WHEN ||
The panel discussions will be held from (CET) 9:00 to 11:00 / (UTC+8) 15:00 to 17:00 on Wednesday, 24 June 2020. 

|| HOW ||
The panel discussions will be held virtually on Marché du Film platform. More details will be announced at www.marchedufilm.comFor inquiry at this stage please write to

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