De Glauber para Jirges

Through clips of letters sent by Glauber Rocha to his friend and collaborator Jirges Ristum who was in Rome in the mid-seventies, we recall the Glauber’s ideas about Italy, cinema and its reflections on the socio-political condition of Brazil in those years. We approach Glauber’s ideas through the letters sent to his friend, and through notes, super 8 and original poems.

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The buildings of the Roman ghetto Tor Bella Monaca keep Giorgio’s life locked up. The street children who mock him for his shyness, his violent father who does not understand him, his mother who seems to find comfort only in the intimate company of the boss of the neighborhood and the white powder that he provides her. But the latter, surprisingly, becomes his ally and will help him gain the courage of a young man.

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The handshake

Stefano, a very introverted ten years old boy, after having lost his father, lives in the myth of Napoleon. A friend of his mother tells him that the power of the Emperor was given to him by an ancestor by shaking his hand and passed from one generation to the other until him. The man shakes the child’s hand. He is at the peak of happiness… until at a party …

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I used to be

A man tells the story of his life.

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In a village on the Austrian mountains, a group of young lumberjacks dream of escaping their gray reality. But things do not go as planned …

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Déjà Vu

Giorgio leads a dull and monotonous life. He inevitably ends every day with a videocassette. It’s the only time he can relax. One evening he finds a particular videotape. In it a future and unusual love story is forseen…

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