Déjà Vu

Giorgio leads a dull and monotonous life. He inevitably ends every day with a videocassette. It’s the only time he can relax. One evening he finds a particular videotape. In it a future and unusual love story is forseen...

Director: Vincenzo Scuccimarra

Screenplay: Vincenzo Scuccimarra

Cast: Luca Alcini, Simonetta Valentini

Photography: Antonio Grambone

Editing: Marco Spoletini

Music: Marco Rosano

Sound: Fabio Felici

Title: Déjà vu

Original version: Italian

Year of production: 1993

Lenght: 15'

Release format: 16mm

Colour: colour

Sound: Dolby Eventi

Production: Orisa Films

Distribution: Orisa Produzioni

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