Desire for glory

Voglia di gloria desire for gloryVincenzo Nardiello, who won the WBC Super Middleweight title in 1995, is one of the best-known Italian boxers in the world. He was born and bred in Ostia, one of the toughest neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Rome. The documentary tells the story of a man who, thanks to sport and his own effort and sacrifice, succeeded in finding a life beyond the street. Read more...

Robin Hood of the millennium 

onel de guzman locandina"Robin-hood of the millennium" starts from the episode of "I love you" to make a journey into the world of internet in developing countries. Onel has been identified as the author of the virus "I love you" in charge of one of the most dangerous attacks ever occurred, a virus able to damage computers all around the world. Read more...

Navigatori in affari

navigatori in affariStories of young people facing the new job opportunities offered by the Internet.



The other face of Moai

l'altra faccia dei moaiEaster island is mostly known for its archeological misteries.Instead the documentary explores the traditions of the inhabitant who descend from the old Rapanui culture which is expressed at its best during the yearly festival called Tapati.

Read more..

Urban Fakirists

fachiri metropolitaniThis documentary explores the contemporary phenomenon of piercing through a visual research which lasted a whole year, and which stresses the ritual form of this practice from the simple piercing of the navel up to the staging of a proper "ordeal" where physical pain becomes an instrument in the search for alterated state of consciousness.


Born under the sign of Leo 

One of the most interesting realities of the underground youth culture is that of the first generation of African origins born and/or bred in Italy. Sons of immigrants of the former fifteen years, their principal matter is to build their identity, devided as they are between their culture of origin and Italy, the world in which they are growing up, actually the only one they really know. 




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