SAIMIREdmond and Saimir are a father and a son, immigrated to Italy from Albania. The father struggles to create a different future, using, however, illicit methods: smuggling. When Saimir discovers that Edmond is related to a known mafia albanese involved in the exploitation of prostitution, the boy has a violent reaction. Thus began his personal journey in search of a possible redemption.


Forbidden grass


Forbidden Grass is a journey through an illicit collective passion called Cannabis. A journey through history and customs, inside and outside of Italy in attempt to find out, beyond demonization, what is truth about a products mostly know for recreational use but in fact rich of many other surprising uses.  Read more...

I am positive

Sono positivo locandina

The members of a colorful southern Italian family discover one after the other to be HIV-positive. But who started the contagion? The suspects are unveiling unthinkable infidelities and sexual behaviors but finally find out their own identity.  Read more...


film oasi locandina

Simone is a young garbage collector who works on the night night. He is married, has a son but le lives in the shadow of his father in law leading a life of mediocrity. But he has a secret repressed dream and the hope of a different life. One day he meets a young seamstress… Read more...

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