The Italian Recipe

Director: Hou Zuxin
Screenwriter: Hou Zuxin, Cristiano Bortone, Alberto Simone, Yu Si
Cast: Liu Xun, Huang Yao, Romano Reggiani, Fann Woon Fong, Wu Yingzhe, Fu Mei, Hu Haofan
Photography: Vladan Radovic
Editor: Wang Yuye, Yang Wanqing
Costumes: Sabrina Beretta, Meng Luyue
Original Musics: Santi Pulvirenti

Peng is a Chinese pop star. When he arrives in Rome for a reality show, he meets the young Mandy, who lives in Italy with her Chinese aunt and uncle after her mother's death. Mandy struggles with many jobs to support her family but in her heart she has a secret dream: to become a great chef one day, following her mother's passion for cooking.

At first, Peng and Mandy dislike each other. He thinks she is just a Cinderella and she thinks he is arrogant and spoiled. Circumstances force them to spend an entire night together. It will be a crazy, reckless, exhilarating night amidst the Italy-Germany football final, the attempt to save a broken marriage and the suspicion that Peng has been kidnapped, which sets off his country's social media to skyrocket his popularity. But above all, a magical night that will change their lives, making them fall in love and teaching them that the most important thing in life is to follow their dreams.

Technical information

Original title: The Italian recipe
Original version: Chinese/Italian
Country: Italy/Chian/Germany
Colour: Colour
Year of production: 2020
Lenght: 93'
Release format: DCP
Sound: Dolby Digital

Production information

Production : Orisa Produzioni, Dauphine Film Company, WD Pictures, Fun Age Pictures, Lightburst
In collaboration with : Rai Cinema and Regione Lazio

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