With the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in China, Bridging the Dragon successfully hosted its 4th Sino-European Project Lab from 11-14 November 2018 in Beijing. The scale of the Lab has been the biggest ever with the participation of over 80 film professionals from China and all over Europe. Once more the Lab was a creative think-tank for attendees from both sides to gain experience on Chinese-European collaboration. As a participant put it “if co-production was a marriage, the Project Lab would definitely be an important first date!”

Oscar-winning director Stefan Ruzowitzky, new Chinese talent Li Wei (screenwriter of Zhang Yimou's new film “Shadow”), experienced producers from British Flying Tiger and Trinity Cine Asia, to German Action Concept and Senator / Wild Bunch, Italian Fandango, Austrian Terra Mater Factual Studios, Spanish A Contracorriente Films, Norwegian Maipo Film, Dutch Lemming Film, Chinese Alibaba PicturesWanda MediaBona Film GroupWD PicturesHBO AsiaHehe Pictures / Fortissimo FilmsRoad Pictures or Donwa Pictures are only a few of the figures who have joined us. Project participants reacted enthusiastically to this 4-day event which was packed with exciting pitchings, inspiring group sessions and matchmaking one-to-one meetings. Project participants will gather again in Berlin during the upcoming EFM to catch up with each other, further develop projects and expand their network.

Cai Gongming, Road Pictures, China: Chinese audience is becoming increasingly diverse. More genres and subjects find their entrance into the market. These trends reflect the unexplored potential of China: there are many opportunities not only for future co-productions but also for more sophisticated European films.

Sino-European Masterclasses

As many Chinese professionals are still not entirely familiar with the European film landscape and procedures, Bridging the Dragon launched its new programme Sino-European Masterclasses. The first edition took place after the Project Lab from 15-17 November in Beijing. We were thrilled to have Stefan Ruzowitzky, Oscar winning director; Philippe Bober, producer of "The Square"; Milada Kolberg, international acquisition expert; Michael Frenschkowski, head of Features & Special Projects Department at Terra Mater Factual Studios; Cedric Behrel, expert in releasing Chinese films in Europe; Norbert Maass, seasoned script consultant; and Alain Courtois, executive creative producer at Action Concept to share their knowledge with Chinese attendees on topics related to different stages of film making. This new initiative has provided a comprehensive overview of the European film world to the Chinese attendees and laid foundations for future collaborations.

Marcus Roth, tv60 Filmproduktion, Germany: We had a fantastic writing tutor who was giving us great feedback. I am very satisfied and motivated to develop our project further.

Sylvie Luo, Tianjin Encore Films, China: The feedback in the one-to-one-meetings was really helpful. These kind of initiatives are really pioneering. They help filling the cultural gap and help moving our projects further.

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