6th edition SINO-EUROPEAN PROJECT LAB – Official Selection

6th edition SINO-EUROPEAN PROJECT LAB – Official Selection

Bridging the Dragon organises for the sixth year in a row its Sino-European Project Lab bringing together over 70 film professionals from both sides to develop projects and establish personal bonding. This year’s programme will be shaped for the virtual space and will take place on 25-29 November.

In a difficult year as such which unexpectedly also sees Chinese box office overtaking North America’s for the first time, we are excited to have received a record high of over 120 applications from companies and industry professionals all over Europe and China, illustrating that the enthusiasm to work together across our borders is even stronger than before. The Lab has chosen projects from Europe and 8 from China deemed suitable for collaboration. In the frame of our partnerships with the New Zealand Film Commission and China’s THE ONE International Women’s Film Festival, 1 project from New Zealand and 1 project from the festival were encompassed.


True-story thriller inspired by the book A Death in Peking《北平之死》about the bewildering death of Pamela Werner, young daughter of a former British consul, during the last Christmas before Japanese invasion, to be produced by Spanish Mobydick Investment / Pacific Pictures.

Sci-fi action Genesis《创世纪) by Postmodern Digital of the Film UA Group from Ukraine, one of the largest media groups in Eastern Europe. The hyper-speed train named “Silk Arrow” running between Paris and Shanghai is attacked by terrorists who are in search of a genetically modified boy.

Dutch thriller Sofie’s Dilemma《苏菲的困境》about a young Chinese woman looking for her unknown father in the Netherlands with the help of two Dutch journalists who are investigating the abduction of the prime minister, by Oscar-winning producer Hans de Weers from FATT Productions and Paul Ruven, co-writer of My Best Friend Anne Frank, co-producing by Netflix.

Romantic drama The Chinese Lady《中国女子》by German Penned Pictures. When his estranged father mysteriously vanishes, the only clues lead a German architect to Shanghai, and the elusive Chinese businesswoman at the heart of the mystery.

British sci-fi New World: 2080《探世界: 2080》by veteran producer Paul Brett from Flying Tiger Entertainment who has executive produced Oscar-winning The King’s Speech and box office smash My Country, My People. The story of a young Chinese female astronaut in charge of the search for a new planet suitable for mankind.

Exciting spy thriller Steelhead Sam 《钢铁头山姆》by UK-based Beano Studios and Roland Moore, head writer of the Chinese remake of AMC drama Humans. After being killed in a terrorist attack, veteran Sam wakes up in a paramilitary facility in Shanghai and is given a second life thanks to the nanobot technology that allows him to be anyone.

Heart-warming animation Goldpaw《金爪子》about a mythical panda with golden paw who’s forced to leave his cosy cage and finds himself at the crossroad between the safety of old life and true freedom in the wild, produced by New Zealand’s Cirkus.

Finnish animated fantasy adventure Earth 2.0《地球2.0》by Fiilin Good Films. Internet has brought world peace but Akuma, the devil, is not happy. She needs bold new solutions!


Comedy Grand Theft Riddle: The Film 《偷琴小队》produced by Shan Dongbing from Donwa Pictures, experienced producer involved in Berlinale Silver Bear winner Crosscurrent, about a college student trying to steal a precious Italian violin in order to shoot his graduation film.

Family sci-fi comedy Little Tin Cook《小鲜机》produced by Drunken Dragon Productions, tells the story of a Chinese female chef who is given a robot cooking machine, as compensation after her father’s car accident, which then changes the fate of the family restaurant.

Heart-warming comedy Rodin《罗丹》by Beijing-based Teli Pictures about the unique friendship between a Chinese woman who lost her only child and a French single mother while traveling to Paris.

Coming-of-age comedy Katyusha and Mu Aihua喀秋莎和慕爱华by Beijing True Eyes Film, about youth and friendship between a Chinese writer and a Ukraine influencer in Beijing.

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet Par Amour《倾情之恋, a love story between a sensitive Algerian boy and a fiery Chinese girl trying to defy ethnic stereotypes and integrate into the cosmopolitan elite in the banlieue of Paris, produced by Feilight Films.

Romantic drama When We Are Together《当我们在一起by 3L Films Films about a lovelorn woman salvaging an ill-fated relationship by traveling back in time, only to find that the real killer of love is the mundanity of life.

Crime drama Autumn Willow《秋柳 written and directed by Li Xiaoyan, about two devastated Dutch grandparents fighting with the Chinese in-laws over the custody of their grandchildren.

Family drama East《东方以东written and directed by Yan Cheng and Federico Francioni, two long-term collaborators from China and Italy. It tells the story of a scattered family, produced by Studio Cinevoyage.

Female-led dark comedy Slut《不耻之地writted and directed by Pu Xian is a story about the self-defeating fight of a woman being called “slut”. The project won Bridging the Dragon Award at China’s THE ONE International Women’s Film Festival.


For the first time we also embrace industry professionals who are without a specific project but wishing to develop activities across the two markets. Among them are Jasper van Hecke, SVP of Acquisitions & Production at Universal PicturesUlrich Schwarz, Head of Production at leading Berlin-based visual effect and production company Rise Pictures; from China Wen Yuxiang, producer of film Model (2020) and Hattie Yu, producer with extensive experience in co-productions with China.

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