THE ITALIAN RECIPE – World Premiere at Far East Film Festival

THE ITALIAN RECIPE – World Premiere at Far East Film Festival

Co-produced by China and Italy, the romantic comedy by director Hou Zuxin will officially open Far East Film Festival 24!

 After the world premiere in Udine

the film will be released in China in thousands of screens.

Directed by Hou Zuxin, The Italian Recipe (La ricetta italiana) is the film which will officially open the Far East Film Festival 24 in Udine with its world premiere on Friday the 22 nd of April. An irresistible Chinese romantic comedy that contains a whole lot of Italy, both in terms of locations (from the Roman Forum and the Spanish Steps to the Trevi Fountain and the banks of the Tiber), in terms of crew, and perhaps most uniquely, in terms of its co-producers.

Alongside China we find Cristiano Bortone’s Orisa Produzioni and Roberta Manfredi and Alberto Simone’s Dauphine Film Company as well as Rai Cinema, plus support from the Regione Lazio, Fondo Lazio Cinema International and Roma Lazio Film Commission.

The Italian Recipe was made with the support of Kugou, Campari China, Piaggio & C. S.P.A., ADR - Aeroporti di Roma, FCA Italy - Fiat Professional JEEP, Maserati, Lagostina, Antica Fattoria La Parrina and Gambero Rosso.

Like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, the lead actors Liu Xun and Huang Yao bring to life a brilliant couple's play and offer a very successful contemporary variation of Roman Holiday.

“When I read Alberto Simone’s screenplay,” says producer Cristiano Bortone, “I knew immediately that the story was a perfect way to take Italy to mainstream Chinese audiences. The Italian Recipe is a true co-production and I hope it will encourage our two worlds, which are perhaps less distant than we imagine, to work together again. The international launch at the Far East Film Festival undoubtedly represents an important step in this direction.”

“Our festival has been trying to bring Asia to Europe since 1999,” adds Sabrina Baracetti, president of the FEFF “We fell in love with The Italian Recipe precisely because, in addition to being a fantastic comedy, it cheerfully turns things upside down, and speaks to the huge mainstream audiences of Asia the way the Italian cinema of the 1950s timidly spoke to America.”

The Italian Recipe Press Office - Echo

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