Toto’s night

Director: Guido Votano
Editing: Giandomenico Michilin

Technical specs

Title: La notte di Totò
Original version: Italian
Country: Italia
Colour: Colour
Year of production: 2005
Lenght: 30'
Release format: Betacam Sp (1:85)
Sound: Stereo



Production: Orisa Produzioni

Robbing banks to finance terrorism: this was his past. Today he is sick and worn out, almost a homeless man. Totò has nearly 50 years old, lives in Lyon away from the Italian justice, but says he has no regrets. He defines himself irreducible, but he survives recycling waste from the city market.

Toto was not an ideologue nor a boss. He was not a murderer nor an intellectual. His is since the beginning the journey of a marginal: from being a Sicilian thug in Turin to an unskilled "anarcho-communist' terrorist in the 70's in and out from Italian and French jails, ending up as a drop out exile in Lyon.

An extreme and unexpected history, which overturns many stereotypes about veterans of the Italian “years of lead”.

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