Le piccole idee

Director: Giacomo Faenza
Screenplay: Giacomo Faenza
Cast: Luca D’Alessandro, Gea Dall’Orto, Mario Vigiak Bugara, Teresa Scozzi, Giulia e Armando Cardarilli, Luisa Mauri, Angelo Giotta, Mara Romani
Photography: Vladan Radovic
Editing: Carla Simoncelli
Music: Antonio Di Pofi
Sound: Ignazio Vellucci, Gianluca Scarlata, Valentino Amato

Four Italian middle class families are facing problems which until a few years ago were easily solved. But in times of economic crisis they now seem unsolvable. Yet, with the help of a small idea, the protagonists will find unconventional solutions to handle the emergency.

Tecnical specs


Original title: Le piccole idee

Year of production: 2010

Original version: Italian

Lenght: 93'

Colour: colour

Release format: 35 mm

Sound: Dolby Sr


Production: Orkéstra Entertainment, Altri Occhi in collaboration with Rai Cinema
Executive production: Orisa Produzioni
International sales: Rai Trade

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