“The Italian Recipe” is ready for theatrical release in China

The Italian Recipe is awaiting theatrical release in China, where cinemas are open and box office has hit a new historical record.

The second official co-production between Italy and China sees the collaboration between Orisa Produzioni, Dauphine Film company (Roberta Manfredi, Alberto Simone) with Rai Cinema, Lightburst Pictures (Berlin), WD pictures (Beijing) and Fun Age Kaixin Mahua, one of the main comedy producers in China behind some of the biggest blockbusters of recent years ("Goodbye Mr. Loser", "Never Say Die", "Hello, Mr. Billionaire").

Director Zuxin Hou is a new emerging talent, a graduate of USC, appreciated for her documentaries and advertising campaigns and even a finalist as a singer in Voice of China. The lead role is played by Yao Huang, who was also a popular performer in last year's Berlin competition film "The crossing".

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