Director: Cristiano Bortone

Screenplay: Cristiano Bortone, Valentina Pascarelli

Cast: Henry Arnold, Valentina Cervi, Francesca Nunzi

Photography: Gianni Mommolotti

Editing: Massimo Contini

Music: Alessandro Molinari 

Sound: Fabio Felici

Simone is a young garbage collector who works on the night night. He is married, has a son but le lives in the shadow of his father in law leading a life of mediocrity. But he has a secret repressed dream and the hope of a different life. One day he meets a young seamstress… 

    Technical specs


    Original title: Oasi

    Original version: Italian

    Country: Italy

    Colour: Colour

    Year of production: 1994

    Lenght: 85'

    Release format: 35mm (1:85)

    Sound: Dolby Stereo SR



    Production: Orisa Produzioni

    Distribution: Orisa Produzioni




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