Red like the sky

Director: Cristiano Bortone

Screenplay: Cristiano Bortone, Monica Zapelli, Paolo Sassanelli

Cast: Paolo Sassanelli, Luca Capriotti, Simone Gullì, Marco Cocci, Rosanna Gentili

Photography: Vladan Radovic

Editing: Carla Simoncelli

Music: Ezio Bosso 

Sound: Stefano Campus



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Tuscany. 1970. Mirco is a ten year old boy in love with cinema. Following an accident he loses sight. The Italian law of the time considered blind kids handicapped and still did not allowed them into public schools.  His parents are thus forced to put him into a blind kids institution. But when Mirco finds an old tape recorder, he discovers that, by cutting the tape and splicing it back together, he is able to create little fairy tales made only of sounds. The conservative institution tries to stop him, but he continues his hobby in every way slowly involving all the other blind kids and helping them re-discover their potential and their dreams.

"Red like the Sky" is inspired by the true story of Mirco Mencacci, blinded by an accident at the age of ten, today one of cinema’s most brilliant sound editors.

"Red like the Sky"  was awarded during many different international Festivals like “David Giovani”, “Audience Award for Best Foreign Film” at the San Paolo Int. Film Festival, “Grand Prix de Montreal" and "Prix Place aux Familie" at the Internation Youth Festival di Montreal, "Honourable Mention" at the Cinekid, "Best Film" and "Best director" at the Palm Beach Film Festival and several others.
The film was also distributed in many country like Germany, Brasil, France, Mexico, Japan and others.

Technical specs


Original title: Rosso come il cielo

English title: Red like the sky

Original version: Italian

Country: Italy

Colour: colour

Year of production: 2005

Length: 96'

Release format: 35mm (1:85)

Sound: Dolby Digital



Production: Orisa Produzioni

Italian distributor: Lady Film

International sales: Adriana Chiesa Enterprises 

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