Turin, a hundred years of sport

Director: Enrico Verra

From an idea by: Gian Paolo Ormezzano and Gianni Volpi

Photography: Claudio Meloni

Editing: Carlo Balestrieri

Sound: Leonardo Lamprati

Technical specs

Title: Torino 100 anni di sport
Original version: Italian
Country: Italy
Colour: Colour and B/N
Year of production: 2005
Lenght: 52'
Release format: Digital betacam
Sound: Stereo



Production: Orisa Produzioni and Associazione Cinema Sportivo

in co-production with: Rai Trade and Istituto Luce

March 17, 1844: The Royal Gymnastic Society, the first Italian sports club, was launched in Turin. What happened in the following century and half?

"Turin, a hundred years of sport" is a journey through a hundred and fifty years of sports excitement featuring Turin as a protagonist.

From Belle-epoque regatas to the first experiments with skis, from the rhetoric of the fascist sports to the mania for popular idols like Fausto Coppi, from the drama of the grat Toro team to the triumphs of Juventus, the documentary revives all the myths, sensations, victories and defeats, in the city that symbolizes FIAT and big industry, a city whose prestige has left its mark on 20th century Italian history. 

The rediscovery of archival footage never seen before and rare photographs will further the story of the transformation of a city into an Olympic capital. 

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