Young Satellite Amani Yassets F.C.

Director: Ignazio Oliva
From an idea by: Ignazio Oliva, Renato Kizito Sesana
Photography: Massimiliano Guerrisi, Ignazio Oliva
Editing: Juan Gambino, Letizia Caudullo
Sound: Chiara Figari


Technical specs

Title: Young Satellite Amani Yasset Football Club
Original language: Italian
Country: Italy
Colour: Colour
Year of production: 2004
Lenght: 53'
Release format: Digital Betacam (1:85)
Sound: Dolby Stereo



Production: Orisa Produzioni, Amani Onlus Ong
Distribution: Orisa Produzioni

The documentary tells the story of the Yassets FC, ​​a small soccer team from a slum in Nairobi than managed to play in the second division. The story of Yasset and his Italian tour is an opportunity to understand how football in countries like Kenya is not only a sport but a chance of social improvement.

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