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“10 rules for falling in love” on DVD

By 29/03/2013February 21st, 2024No Comments

Since July, the DVD of the film “10 rules for falling in love” directed by Cristiano Bortone has been available in all bookstores. The film stars the young You Tube star Guglielmo Scilla (Wilwoosh) in the role of a shy and awkward boy with girls who will, against his will, be helped by Vincenzo Salemme, a Latin lover and heartbreaker father, to conquer his parents’ girlfriend dreams (Enrica Pintore). The protagonist’s accomplices in this almost impossible undertaking are his strange roommates.

The DVD of the film is enriched with extra content (backstage, interviews with the actors and deleted scenes) and with audio commentary by Guglielmo Scilla.

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