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The buildings of the Roman ghetto Tor Bella Monaca keep Giorgio’s life locked up. The street children who mock him for his shyness, his violent father who does not understand him, his mother who seems to find comfort only in the intimate company of the boss of the neighborhood and the white powder that he provides her. But the latter, surprisingly, becomes his ally and will help him gain the courage of a young man.

Director: Claudio Noce
Screenplay: Elisa Amoroso, Claudio Noce
Cast: Paolo Sassanelli, Michele Amoroso, Alessandra Roca, Alberto Sgabarri
Photography: Alberto Iannuzzi
Editing: Andrea Maguolo, Gianni Vezzosi
Music: Valerio Vigliar
Sound: Gianluca Scarlata

Producers: Claudio Noce, Daniele Mazzocca e Cristiano Bortone
Production: Zanahoria Film
Distribution: Orisa Produzioni

Title: Aria
Original version: Italian
Year of production: 2005
Length: 26′

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