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Sommeliers say that coffee has three flavors: bitter, sour and fragrant. Through the common element of such evocative product, the film tells three stories set in three parts of the world very far from each other, three destinies that intertwine expressing the uncertainty of our confused times.

  • Special Event – Venice Days 2016
  • In competition International Perspective – San Paolo Festival 2016
  • David di Donatello – Nomination as Best Producer
  • Pellicola d’Oro Award – Ennio Fantastichini Nomination as Best Actor
  • In competition Beijing Film Festival 2017
  • Media Award Nomination – Shanghai International Film Festival
  • Ennio Fantastichini – Silver Ribbon Nomination as Best Supporting Actor
  • Festival of Festivals – Cairo International Film Festival

Director: Cristiano Bortone
Cast: Dario Aita, Miriam Dalmazio, Ennio Fantastichini, Koen de Bouw, Hichem Yacoubi , Arne de Tremerie, Zhuo Tan, Lu Fangsheng and Li Yimo
Screenwriters: Cristiano Bortone, Annalaura Ciervo, Matthew Thompson, Shi Minghua, Shi Minghui
DOP: Vladan Radovic
Art director: Ilaria Sadun, Kurt Rigolle, Yading Li
Costumes: Eva Coen, Vanessa Evrard, Iris Wu
Editing: Claudio Di Mauro
Music: Teho Teardo – Edizioni Musicali Curci
Casting: Lilia Trapani, Sien Teijssen, Jessica Kam
Sound: Stefano Campus, Jan Samson, Guiao Wan

Production: Orisa Produzioni
In co-production with: Savage Film, Road Pictures, China Blue Film
In collaboration with: Rai Cinema and D’Hive
International sales agent: TVCO
With the support of Italian Ministry of Culture, IDM – South Tirol, Screen Flanders, Antwerp Film Bonus, Belgian Tax Credit

Original title: Caffè
Original version: italiano / francese / cinese
Country: Italia / Cina / Belgio
Year of production: 2016
Length: 107 min

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