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De Glauber para Jirges

By 29/03/2005February 19th, 2024No Comments

De Glauber para Jirges

Through clips of letters sent by Glauber Rocha to his friend and collaborator Jirges Ristum who was in Rome in the mid-seventies, we recall the Glauber’s ideas about Italy, cinema and its reflections on the socio-political condition of Brazil in those years. We approach Glauber’s ideas through the letters sent to his friend, and through notes, super 8 and original poems.

Director: André Ristum
Screenplay: André Ristum
Cast: Nicola Siri, Milhelm Cortaz
Photography: Toca Seabra, Vladan Radovic
Editing: Eryk Rocha
Music: Marcos Levy

Production: Gullane Filmes
n co-production with: Orisa Produzioni, Megacolor, Estudios Mega, Dinamo Digital

Original version: Portuguese
Year of production: 2005
Length: 18′

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