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Forbidden grass

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Forbidden grass

“Forbidden Grass” is a journey through an illicit collective passion called Cannabis. A journey through history and customs, inside and outside of Italy in attempt to find out, beyond demonization, what is truth about a products mostly know for recreational use but in fact rich of many other surprising uses.

From the process of demonization that began in America in the 30’s , ” Forbidden grass” gives voice to those who believe that the botanical heritage of the planet belongs to humanity , and that any attempt to prohibit or put under a monopoly part is actually a scam and a rip off. But not only.

From the socio-cultural and scientific costumes, from the history of the plant to the movements anti – prohibitionists, goingt hrough true chemical effects on the human body to the results of the experiments of liberalization, the current legislation or new findings on the therapeutic effects, ” Forbidden grass” looks for real answers .

Director: Various
From an idea by: Daniele Mazzocca and Cristiano Bortone
With the participation of: Paolo Rossi, Dario Fo, Marco Pannella, Dario Vergassola, David Riondino
Photography: Various
Editing: Juan Gambino
Music: 99 Posse, Raggae National Tickets, Tiromancino, Sud Sound System, Pitura Freska, Frankie HI-NRG, Radici nel cemento.
Sound: Various

Production: Orisa Produzioni
Italian distribution: Lucky Red

Country: Italy
Year of production: 2002
Length: 94′

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