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Edmond and Saimir are a father and a son, immigrated to Italy from Albania. The father struggles to create for himself and for his son a different future, using, however, illicit methods: smuggling. When Saimir discovers that Edmond is related to a known mafia albanese involved in the exploitation of prostitution, the boy has a violent reaction. Thus began his personal journey in search of a possible redemption.

Director: Francesco Munzi
Screenplay: Francesco Munzi, Dino Gentili, Serena Brugnolo
Cast: Xhevdet Ferri, Mishel Manoku, Anna Ferruzzo, Lavinia Guglielman
Photography: Vladan Radovic
Editing: Roberto Missiroli
Music: Giuliano Taviani
Sound: Stefano Campus

Production: Orisa Produzioni
Italian distributor: Istituto Luce
International sales: Adriana Chiesa Enterprises

Original version: Italian / Albanian
Country: Italia
Year of production: 2004
Lenght: 88′

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