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Xi’An glass forest

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Xi’An glass forest

Xi’An Forest Glass tells the lastest of her incredible plans, a huge forest of glass for the international horticultural exhibition in Xi’An. A huge technical and artistic challenge in trying to make handmade glass in Murano, a sculpture consisting of 500 pieces for a total of 5400 Kg of glass. Following the difficulties, the unstoppable flow of time, moments of despair of an artist, in the fantastic setting of Murano, a project dealing with complex and unusual. With an additional difficulty: a female artist in an almost entirely male setting. Xi’An Forest Glass highlights the difficulties still present in the encounter between two cultures with strong roots (Venetian and Chinese), together by art with conflict. A look at the work of an artist, and the difficulties of which she composed and in particular the encounter between cultures.

Shan Shan Sheng is a Chinese artist who lives in San Francisco and Shanghai. Her artistic work has always aimed at the fusion of Eastern and Western culture.

Director: Savino Cancellara
Photography: Maurizio Casana
Music: Romeo Scaccia

Production: Qiu Jiang Film, Xian (China) and Orisa Produzioni

Original title: Xi’An Glass Forest
Original version: Italian – English – Chinese
Year of production: 2011
Lenght: 30′

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