Desire for glory

Director: Patrizio Marone
Photography: Maurizio Felli
Editing: Thomas Woschitz, Patrizio Marone


Technical specs

Original title: Voglia di gloria
Original version: Italian 
Colour: Colour
Year of production: 2001
Lenght: 42'
Release format: Betacam SP
Sound: Stereo



Production: Orisa Produzioni

Vincenzo Nardiello, who won the WBC Super Middleweight title in 1995, is one of the best-known Italian boxers in the world. Nardiello was born and bred in Ostia, one of the toughest neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Rome. The documentary tells the story of a man who, thanks to sport and his own effort and sacrifice, succeeded in finding a life beyond the street, thereby becoming a hero-figure for the people of Ostia. 

The documentary takes its cue from the current lead-up to the world boxing championships. Through a variety of footage and the first-hand narratives of people who have helped him in a number of different ways over the years, the documentary reconstructs the career of a champion driven by the desire to overcome his socially deprived origins at all costs.

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