The handshake

Stefano, a very introverted ten years old boy, after having lost his father, lives in the myth of Napoleon. A friend of his mother tells him that the power of the Emperor was given to him by an ancestor by shaking his hand and passed from one generation to the other until him. The man shakes the child’s hand. He is at the peak of happiness… until at a party ...

Director: Davide Marengo

Screenplay: Dino Gentili, Filippo Gentili, Davide Marengo

Cast: Simone Ascani, Isa Gallinelli

Photography: Ivan Casalgrandi

Editing: Patrizio Marone

Music: Massimo Nunzi

Sound: Davide Gaudenzi

Title: La stretta di mano

Original version: Italian

Year of production: 2002

Lenght: 13'

Release format: 35mm (1:85)

Sound: Dolby SR

Production: Orisa Produzioni, Studio Universal

Distribution: Orisa Produzioni

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