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In collaboration with Mallorca Film Commission, the association of Sino-European producers Bridging the Dragon will take the new edition of its annual Lab to Mallorca at the end of November 2021. The event is an immersive residential workshop focused on collaboration between Europe and China. The Lab has proven to be a breeding ground for valuable content and a stimulating think-tank that provides bonding opportunities and an in-depth learning experience for film professionals with a concrete interest in China.

By attending the Lab, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in the Chinese film industry, develop their understanding of content suitable for Sino-European collaboration and expand their network in this specific field. Compared to previous editions, the selected projects will be treated more as case studies. More space will be given to analysis, presentation of successful Chinese films, suggestions from experienced professionals and informal networking among participants.

The development of Sino-European cooperation is a long process, but we are pleased to start seeing results from previous editions. Some of the projects under our umbrella have been successfully produced or are nearing completion.
But the Lab’s achievements also go beyond pure co-productions. Bridging the Dragon supports film professionals in a variety of other areas: from serving as line producers for Chinese films to be shot in Europe, to selling content in China, to promoting talent from both regions.

The Lab will take place from 28 November to 1 December 2021. Considering the pandemic and travel restrictions, a hybrid format was chosen whereby the Lab will be held simultaneously in both Mallorca and Beijing. The sessions will be linked virtually, so that European producers will have the opportunity to meet their Chinese counterparts.

The activities will be as follows:

  • in-depth analysis of the feasibility and dissemination of selected projects;
  • webinars held by Chinese experts on practical issues;
  • screening and analysis of successful Chinese films;
  • networking activities among European producers.

In addition to members of the Bridging the Dragon association and alumni from previous editions, the workshop is open to European producers with both fiction and serial projects with a clear Sino-European angle.
A limited number of film professionals wishing to improve their know-how on working with the Chinese film market will also be selected.

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