The scent of the land

Director: Cristiano Bortone
Photography: Francesco Giusiano
Editing: Giandomenico Michilin
Music: Santi Pulvirenti
Sound: Gianfranco Tortora


Technical specs

Title: L'odore della terra
Original versione: Italian
Country: Italy
Colour: Colour
Year of production: 2012
Lenght: 70'
Release format: Video (1:85)
Sound: Dolby Digital



Production: Altri Occhi, Orisa Produzioni
In coproduction with: Sant'Eustachio Il Caffè

Apulia has always been a crossroads of cultures, the natural bridge between the Balkans, the East, the Mediterranean, Africa and the rest of the continent. The distinguishing feature of his people was always the curiosity, the journey and also the deep connection with its territory .

A rugged but fertile land, surrounded by the sea as a hug, a rich sea but also cruel. The relationship with the land and the sea is also a constant in many literature, music and art works in Apulia.

In recent decades the artists have tried to shake off the connection with the visual arts a bit traditional and mannerist, in order to win a role on the international contemporary art scene .

Thanks to the activity and passion of art dealers, critics and collectors, from the seventies some names have managed to establish themselves in the world. They have become somehow defectors, carrying out their talent but often forgotten elements of their deep roots. Other artists by choice or by fate remained in the area, trying to keep the debate alive and doing art in Apulia.

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